Health and WellnessCan Alkaline Water Help With Acid Reflux?

With the digitalization of the world, people have somewhat become lazy and don’t do that much exercise. Still, they want a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. We have a question here: can alkaline water help with acid reflux? 

Well, alkaline water has been a lifesaver in this regard. It keeps your body neutralized due to its high pH, whether you exercise or not. 

But it doesn’t mean you should completely rely on it; it’s just water and can’t keep you completely fit. You’ll have to consider consulting a specialist for fitness and prolonged health. However, its benefits are countless. 

The mineral content in the water and its alkalinity are the prime factors that have created hype in the market. Acqualine water has been a premium source of bottled alkaline water for health enthusiasts who have been satisfied with its quality.

Let’s explore further: can alkaline water help with acid reflux?

How Is Alkaline Water Different From Regular Water? 

Alkaline water is different from regular water. The difference lies in the level of pH content. You can think of pH as a measure of how acidic or basic something is. 

Regular water has a pH level of around 7, considered neutral. Alkaline water has a higher pH level, usually around 8 or 9, making it less acidic and more basic. This higher pH is what sets it apart. [2]

People love that alkaline water with high pH helps them stay healthy. However, individual experiences may differ, so you should consult your doctor before consuming alkaline water.

Can Alkaline Water Help With Acid Reflux?

One of the worst things you can face is acid reflux. It ruins your parties, meetings, and important days. This condition occurs when some acid from the stomach comes to your throat and causes discomfort. It feels like your heart is burning. 

To overcome this burning, you can use alkaline water. Alkaline water differs slightly from regular water because it has a higher pH. This means it’s less acidic. When you drink alkaline water, it helps neutralize some of the stomach acid that’s causing the discomfort. This can relieve and reduce the burning sensation in your chest and throat. [3]

 Here is why alkaline water helps with acid reflux.

Certainly, here are the reasons why some people believe alkaline water can help with acid reflux:

1. Higher pH Level

Alkaline water has a higher pH level, typically around 8 or 9, making it less acidic than regular water, with a pH of around 7. This higher pH counteracts stomach acidity, potentially relieving acid reflux symptoms.

2. Neutralizing Stomach Acid

esophagus during acid reflux. This neutralization could reduce the burning sensation and discomfort associated with heartburn. 

3. Potential Relief

Having alkaline bottled water in your routine gives you a big relief. The credit goes to its mineral content. pH, and calming/hydrating properties. These results have increased the demand for alkaline water over the years.  [4]

Natural Approach

Natural treatments are always better for any kind of disease or malfunction in the body. Alkaline water is a natural resource that helps with acid reflux naturally. It is non-invasive, non-reactive, and ideal for easy ways to stay healthy.

Overall Hydration

You get full body hydration with Alkaline water. Isn’t it a full package? Staying hydrated works with easy digestion and improved bodily functions. Athletes and other health freaks utilize alkaline water in their daily diet as it improves hydration and helps you stay healthy.

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In a world of health-conscious choices, the potential of alkaline water to aid with acid reflux is an exciting and positive prospect. With its higher pH level and the stories of those who have found relief, it’s clear that alkaline water has positively impacted some individuals dealing with acid reflux. 

The question, can alkaline water help with acid reflux ponders everyone? But the good thing is, it does. It’s important to remember that each person’s journey to wellness is unique. What works for one may not work for another. To ensure the best approach for your health, consulting with a healthcare professional is always a wise step.


1. Can Alkaline Water Help With Acid Reflux?

People with certain medical conditions, like kidney problems or a strict diet, should consult a healthcare professional before drinking alkaline water. It may only be suitable for some.

2. Is It Better To Drink Acidic Or Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water with a neutral pH (around 7) is best to drink. Extremely acidic or alkaline water may not be good for your health. Balanced water is usually the healthiest choice.







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